a digestive house

The political and artistic process involves a subjectivity that allows a critical approach to the complexity of the world. To have such an approach is a fundamental paradigm change that will lead to the creation of new images in a process of critical learning and ethical gestures. To achieve it it is necessary to open participated processes of research and analysis in specific contexts, looking for cracks in the social or personal systems. From there, one must deal with criterion of cross cutting and propose prototypes embedded in reality, making their utilization a revealed experience of these images. In brief, using the aesthetic in training for change and putting it in the hands of the people gives them tools to approach the future horizon.

Being multi-processes, they are to be interpreted from each discipline by the players identified and involved in projects. For example: for the artist, it is a piece of contemporary art; for an architect, it is an architectural project; for a social worker, it is a community project; for a politician,it is a project on social policy, negotiation, accommodation, immigration, etc..

For years, Josep-Maria Martín’s art projects have been  focused on creating new strategies of intervention in certain structures consolidated in today’s society, but they have no cracks. With a subjective and reflective determination, questioning and criticizing the reality that decides to work on it. His pieces emphasize the ideas of process, research, participation, involvement and negotiation, making the agents identified for each project turn into true generators of a common project. He is interested in the art which surpasses the boundaries of the aesthetic field; he confronts the problems we face in the political, social and anthropological environment and in spatial and urban planning, etc.

“A digestive house for the Lavapies district” is a project by Josep-Maria Martín as part of the call for artistic intervention in the public space “Urban Buddy Scheme” curated by Cecilia Andersson and hosted by Madrid Abierto 2009-2010.