mapping madrid

Mapping Madrid project arises from the need to implement strategies to make visible certain professional practice, showing potential, challenging contexts of need, formulating future projects and creating partnerships between those involved in the visual arts sector of the Community of Madrid.

Those agents listed on the platform recounted through specific data the scene of contemporary art held in recent years. The information provided is a photograph of the moment that the artistic community is living, featuring these graphics through a reality conditioned by two criteria:

– The data shown are only those registered agents want to show.

– The information presented on the platform addresses only the universe of professionals who have been registered.

After its public presentation in March 2010, the digital platform has evolved in different aspects, making it possible to project updates, new agents and suggested applications by the artistic and cultural Madrid network.

Access to information is structured around three axes:

– Mapping, describing through the link with the territory, specific aspects of the origin and establishment of cultural production, and also includes other key aspects of reality artists such as collaborative networks, which are staged graphically through vector display.

– The micro analysis that invites interpretation of “making art” models from the cultural, social, political and economic Madrid context.

– The list of professionals, which shows the different actors in the independent art scene in Madrid.

Mapping Madrid has a permanent open call for cultural agents, associations and collectives to register on the website of the project.