the noise of bubbles

The Academy is a globe-traveling hub for those exploring the sounds of today, highlighting the threads of local music history in each city we visit. Every year, the Academy also partners with local architects and designers, showcasing the creative future of that city in techni-colour. The Academy has always partnered with local curators and artists, and for this year’s edition in Madrid, the Academy building becomes not just a creative space, but also a place to experience some of the personal visions that represent the city, and what lies beyond the walls of the Matadero Madrid.

Reversing a decades long trend, an effervescent group of young artists have decided to stay and work in Madrid since 2007, fermenting a close network of architects, designers, and performers in the process. These exhibited artists are an integral part of this bubbling cauldron – an increasingly potent froth of cutting-edge, native talent in Madrid emerging as delicate bubbles, ready to soar. Though it may be too early for the city at large to recognize this approaching arts armada, the signs of the impending arrival are present.

The ‘Noise of Bubbles’ exhibit at Matadero Madrid features a selection of works from 18 rising artists from the region. These participating artists work within a wide variety of formats including video, performance, illustration, collage, installation, sculpture and intervention – and all demonstrate the same, explosive energy. Artwork exclusive to the Academy will be produced by some while others will showcase highlights from their anthology. The works will be presented in an innovative manner, emphasizing dialogue with the natural space designed by Langarita-Navarro Studio for the Academy’s residence at Matadero.

Artists: Abdul Vas, Avelino Sala , Daniel Silvo, Diana Coca, Diana Larrea, Eltono, Elena Alonso, Eugenio Merino, Françoise Vanneraud, Gabriela Bettini, Javier Fresneda , Jordi Ribes, José Jurado, Julio Falagan, Luis Urculo, Marlon de Azambuja, Marta Serna, Saelia Aparicio.

Exhibition October 23 to November 25. Nave de Música, Matadero Madrid.

Once the Academy ends, the exhibition will remain open to the public from the 1st to the 18th of December, during the Open Sessions of Matadero Madrid.

Schedule: friday (17 to 21 h), saturdays (12 to 15 – 17 to 21 h), sundays (12 to 15 – 17 a 21 h)