The evolution of complex socio-economic situation now requires making, by the university, a work of public awareness on the value of creative work. Understanding culture as a core business that enables us to aspire to have in the near future production standards comparable to those of more advanced countries, which have been served for decades of growth models based on education and knowledge. It is a pressing need to make visible this rich symbolic capital and let the creators make their return to society. Young artists are the quarry of the country’s cultural industry, which contributes about 4% of GDP. However, the job opportunities to their proposals are inadequate; their work is done in a context of insecurity, and not given the necessary social recognition for their work.

intransit is a platform created by the University Complutense of Madrid, which advocates establishing professional standards of work between the arts community and cultural mediators operating in each sector. The platform is designed as an open call, a series of project showcases with participatory activities, an archive installed in the Complutense Art Center and a digital tool on the web.  With this initiative the University Complutense provides visibility and dissemination of the artists work, within the artistic community, the media and cultural mediation structures.