it was a pleasure

The project It was a pleasure is born from the experience in space trapezio, a center of contemporary art housed in a newly renovated food market “San Antón”, in the District of Chueca in Madrid.

Since its opening in April 2011, different processes of research and meetings with artists and the chefs of the restaurants have been outlining; where art and gastronomy can be narrative elements of aesthetic experience, in addition to a theme that is perfect to find national and international cultures through a close and accessible language.
It was a pleasure is a research device and a valorization of aesthetics in its broadest sense, and the most genuine of the Spanish culture: its gastronomy.
It is an artistic project that investigates overload the symbolic, cultural, aesthetic and sensory that exists behind eating, “ritual of food”; through which gastronomic preparation, the cultural offering and the food consumption shared become celebration of everyday life as extraordinary.

The philosophy behind the project aims to generate new artistic formats of experiences linking tools, forms and characteristic approaches of contemporary art with a new aesthetic and element narrative: the gastronomy.

From this situation and this very specific context, we wanted to start a new line of research based on a collaborative work with chefs, Art curators and visual artists. The activities, results, and conclusions will be published on the website of the project It was a pleasure and in the media channels of Matadero Madrid, that is hosting the project within its proposal of El Ranchito workspaces’.