Prostitution [Relational Practices Endangered]

The proposal, a work in progress, aims to create connections and synergies between the culture sector and sex workers in Madrid. In this first phase of the project the emphasis has focused on the sex worker as a person who performs work, trying to establish dialogue and identifications through their experiences and testimonies, reflecting on their status as subjects and human being.

In this first phase of the project, which develops at a Matadero Madrid art centre residency, the artist performs field work to locate prostitution public spaces of the city and where sex workers are interviewed. Beyond the research, what has been done is to formalize a visual and plastic format from the documentation produced. Production undertaken is comprising:

-An audiovisual installation and objects that includes a video projection of a hotel room where the artist was hosted in Madrid, manipulated napkins with the statement “Gracias puta” (thanks bitch) and announcements collected on the subject in different cities. In addition, a “mental map” of the process with different themes and concepts that have arisen during the residency: self-management, regulation of prostitution, public space, advertising, immigration and morality.

-Collection of statements and testimonies of sex workers.

-Print with the phrase “Children want his whores”.

-Video piece, which acts as a visual map, which includes places of public space where prostitution is practiced with a series of testimonies and overlapping phrases.

-Numbered serie of 100 prints made on bar napkins, transforming the statement Thank you for visiting to “Thank you whore”.

In a second phase, the proposal is to conduct a conference on the regulation of prostitution and a workshop with sex workers. The conference, understood as a space for debate between cultural agents, visual artists and sex workers. The workshop as an exchange of experience looking for alternative forms of advertising systems, under the premise “do it yourself, low cost”, to let them use it as a tool in their working lives.

Miquel Garcia´s project Prostitution [Relational Practices Endangered]continues his research process that began in different residencies conducted in Quebec (Canada) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). Miquel Garcia in collaboration with Hetaira, a Madrid social collective with over 15 years experience in sex workers and René Cassin Human Rights Prize 2003, investigates and proposes a critical reflection on the rights of sex workers, inviting the public debate and the generation of synergies between institution, citizenship and the collective of sex workers.

The project is part of a line of discourse that is formalized in relational parallels between prostitution and the art sector.

This first phase of Prostitution [Relational Practices Endangered] develops in Ranchito, a pilot artist residency program launched by the Center for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid.