art clinic

Art Clinic is a project specifically aimed at artists and agents of the visual arts sector. The philosophy of the project is located between the professional advisory service and the practice developed by a structure of artistic mediation, applying research methodologies based on excellence. The emphasis is on applying new working methods, study the complexity of current production processes, promoting the value of networking and collaborative ways, defend ethical professional relationships by promoting the Manual of  Good Practices and Code of Ethics of the IAC, learn practical strategies for raising funds for material resources, discuss innovative ways of financing public-private-collective, learn about the different types of licenses for use and distribution channels of projects to implement economic and social profitability and visibility in the media.

Art Clinic is a research framed project which generates a thoughtful and practical context for new forms of artistic production and cultural entrepreneurship. The activities are carried out in working groups, training sessions (private) and the presentation and discussion (public). The two formats of established activity are:

-Tutorials: aimed at artists / agents with low-medium level of experience that shows problems in formalizing and organizing projects or who have employability problems.

-Critical sessions: aimed at artists / agents with medium-high level of experience, to treat specific problems from a conceptual-procedural-curatorial-productive point of view on projects under development.

Activities will be coordinated by a team of mediators and monitored by guest speakers. Resident in Spain specialists perform their work in person. Foreigners and foreign residents will make video conferencing format. Visiting  professionals are specialists in cultural production, entrepreneurship, curated, management, economics, sociology and communication.

Through the first public call for national (below link to requirements and registration form) will be a selection of 5 artists / agents by headquarters collaborator. The project will involve a total of 15 artists and cultural agents, 5 selected by each venue.

This first call is addressed to artists and cultural agents (educators, mediators, curators and producers) with low and medium degrees of professional experience to address specific project issues in a format Intensive Review Session [Clinic].Projects will be studied in the research phase, development or implementation that require review from a conceptual-procedural-curatorial-productive point of view.

This second call for proposals is aimed at artists and cultural actors (educators, mediators, curators and producers) with low degrees and half way through professional, to treat problematic experiences in practical projects, in a format of session critique intensive (Clinic). Projects in phase of research, development or execution that require a review from a conceptual -curatorial-productive point of view will be explored.

New call for projects. Deadline 7th January 2013

Headquarters January 2013.
Young Art Space Barcelona
Pier 3 Basque Country
Rodriguez Acaso Foundation and Euroarabic Andalusia Foundation

Basque Country. Bilbao, Ricardo AMASTÉ, Saioa Olmo of IDEATOMICS and Alexis Callado.
Catalonia. Barcelona, Oriol Fontdevila, Txuma Sánchez, Collective Synapses and Alexis Callado.
Andalusia. Granada, Isidro Lopez-Aparicio, Eloísa del Alisal and Alexis Callado.

Coordination, mediation and methodology: PENSART