black box. white cube – CA2M

Black Box. White Cube

Pensart works as executive producer in the Black Box. White Cube project designed by the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, and financed with funds from the EEEA Grants , within the programme of Cultural Diversity and Cultural Exchanges, managed by the Royal Embassy of Norway in Spain.

The project consists of an exhibition of the art collective Los Torreznos and a series of performances that will take place in the CA2M and the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, partner of the project.

Four hundred seventy and three million three hundred and fifty and three thousand eight hundred ninety seconds, title of this exhibition, is the time that Los Torreznos have been working together. Somehow, introduces us to Los Torreznos as if over the past fifteen years they had made only one piece, the count from 1 to 473.353.890. As if they had begun to count in February of 1999 and they had followed non-stop,day and night, so far, in a performance of fifteen years.

It’s one of the solo exhibitions that the CA2M has been doing in its five years of existence. They are usually exhibits that occupy a floor of the Museum and show a series of works by the same author arranged in space, text or any other material needed to supplement the experience of the visitor. In addition, each exhibition has been accompanied by a publication. In short, everything that meets the

expectations of a solo exhibition.

However, four hundred seventy and three million three hundred fifty and three thousand eight hundred ninety seconds doesn’t use any of the rooms of the Museum. It is an exhibition, that more than occupy a space, expands over a period of time: the about fifteen weeks that the project lasts. A series of new production works are installed in the building and are kept throughout the period that the project lasts. There are several phrases with the voice of Los Torreznos. The telephone consists of a device installed in the reception of the building and at the disposal of the public, artists call periodically with the intention of contact with the visitors of the Museum. Also involved in the phones of the Museum through the workpiece call waiting, where a voice “entertains” daily calls to the Museum. Other parts sound without ceasing: the memories, in the toilets of the building; PA, in its lobby, and the clock, which accompanies the visitor with the exact time along its path in the lifts.

Somehow, this exhibition takes its main strategy of the artists themselves: define its field of action and set its own rules about it.

(Ferran Barenblit, curator of the exhibition)

Several performances:

Las Posiciones, 2012: Performance

El Desplazamiento, 2014 Action in the bus

La visita guiada, 2014: Performance

La Cultura, 2007:Performance

La Economía, 2014: Performance

De Perejil a Diwaniya, 2003: Performance


The catalogue is conceived as an “intervention art space” through the written word and the absence of images and will be the axis around which revolves the proposal. It is designed by Susi Bilbao and contains texts of thirty authors, which include Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego, Kurt Johannessen and Los Torreznos.