what do we do?

PENSART creates, organizes, manages and produces cultural projects; Performs teaching and educational activities with a social, democratic and inclusive vocation ; Develops theoretical studies, technical research and fieldwork on artistic and social issues; Organizes projects of curating exhibitions and artistic events; Performs documentation, dissemination and communication of cultural and social projects through publishing and digital tools.


It develops the logistics and accounting coordination of activities and workshops of institutions.

It promotes support to mediate further collaboration between institutions

It performs the Executive production of projects

It creates laboratories of artistic production based on networking strategies

It promotes projects based on social innovation processes

 It generates workshop and training around the artistic production

It offers spaces of coexistence based on the exchange of knowledge, experiences, emotions and resources

It provides tools for research and reflection on the cultural production

It develops platforms of visibility around the artistic creation

It performs activities site specific to problematize and visualize processes of creation

It curates exhibitions of contemporary art

It proposes alternative formulas of dissemination of art and new public awareness

It creates situations of encounter for the resolution of critical States in the production of art based on network strategies.

It generates structures of mediation for artistic encounters that occur in the city, formulating modes to bring contemporary art to the public

It creates processes of approaching art from naturalized and accessible to potential public activities

It builds strategies of bringing together emerging artists and professionals in the artistic sector

It designs files, mapping and directories of artistic creation projects

It provides structures of cultural mediation for specific artistic proposals of social problems

It collaborates with other national and international structures in the construction processes of artistic research.

It creates working groups for the mediation of art spaces: forming, selecting and evaluating mediation of the exhibited works.

It conducts studies and research of field around the artistic production

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