Co-founder of PENSART

foto mariaShe holds a BA in Humanities with specialisation of Art and Anglo American Studies from the University of Navarra. After her studies, she moves to  London where she lives five years working in the Science Museum as Information Assistant  and as Coordinator and Educator for the Science Nights. During those years she collaborated with various artistic platforms and increases her studies with a Postgraduate course at Brighton University. In 2006 she curates her first exhibition”Triple Vision” at the Red Gate Gallery; from here she starts thinking several issues related to curating, so in 2007 she decides to move to Madrid to study and expand her studies at the Master Art Market and Cultural Industries at Antonio de Nebrija University.

She performs a variety of work experiences until she meets Javier Duero. She begins assisting in his curatorial projects and at the end of 2008, along with Cejudo Vanesa, they decide to combine synergies and create Pensart. From 2009 until now, she has worked continuously in Pensart projects and in parallel she has been invited to be a juror: Apexart, NYC (2011, 2012, 2013) and Emergencias, Noáin (Navarra) in 2013 and 2014;  to be assistant and mediator of Timothy Persons in his participation in ARCO’11; and to be an educator with Curated art Place at Kew Gardens, London (2013).

She has made numerous both professional and personal trips to several countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia; which have provided her valuable information on the structures and forms of cultural production and the distribution of the international art scene.

Currently she carry on projects Ecuadorian and Spanish projects with the intentions of expand her knowledge and enrich herself with other ways of artistic and cultural production. She collaborates as a member of PENSART with lab latino project. And she has generated a project: Panoramica, letting our houses being spaces to show local creators, agitating the cultural scene and mixing audiences.


Co-founder of PENSART and Exprimento LIMON

1_VyEShe has been mediator, teacher and supervisor of programs of educational and artistic self-management in countries such as Senegal, Angola, Venezuela and Guatemala through various AECID scholarships. Her practice is based on a strategy that articulates the education as the core of personal and main development engine of social change.

After finishing her studies in Sociology at UPSAM, she shaped as a technician of fine arts and design in the Applied Arts of the Sculpture, in the school of La Palma (Madrid) and she complements her studies around three lines: Education (works as a teacher at UPSAM; and she creates together with EXPRIMENTO LIMON`s platform workshops approaching to art and creativity for all public); New Technologies, after the Master of Society of Information at UPSAM, she sees technology as a backbone of active approaches to social transformation and visual culture. And a third line is her commitment to the Contemporary Creation, for it reconciles her activity of artistic mediation in PENSART, also working into MAV (Visual Artist Women)

Currently she lives in London and collaborates as a member of PENSART with Brit-Es magazine (British – Spanish Magazine).

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