[Everything is going to be alright] Imagen: Guido Van Der Werve 2007

PENSART is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of professionals who focus in contemporary art, social practices and art education, working toward cultural mediation.

PENSART is a project office of cultural mediation in contemporary art. From 2013 it works as an organicl structure which operates in network from different countries: Spain, United Kingdom and Ecuador, with projects that contribute to the generation of critical thinking on aspects of artistic production, the collective knowledge and the union of synergies and resources for the enrichment of culture. PENSART projects propose lines of research, meeting and cultural mediation within artistic practices providing processes of reflection on the creation of Visual culture.

Among the objectives of PENSART are:

To contribute to the establishment of stable and professional structures within the sector of the cultural industries;

To promote the implementation of new technologies in the culture, especially in the sectors related to research, training, production, broadcasting and distribution;

To create collaborative, local, national and international networks with universities, associations, foundations and cultural institutions;

To enrich the cultural fabric by favouring dialogue between artistic communities and civil society;

To promote and disseminate democratic practices in the cultural production ensuring universal access to resources and artistics practices

To promote the cultural integration of groups with educational deficits.

Download Dossier Pensart

Historical Statement

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